Some Widgets have the ability to associate an action (Buttons, icons, …).

Types of Actions.

  • Load page . Displays the selected page of the site or webapp.
     When you choose this type of link, you can also choose to define an effect for the target page. 

  • Load an External Page Url.  Opens a page from another website.
     In the case of a responsive site, the page will be opened in a new window (or tab).
     In the case of WebApps, the site will be opened in the mobile browser (Safari / Chrome)

  • Anchor.  Scrolls the page to the selected anchor.Anchors are only working only for Responsive Web Sites and can be linked to a Block.  

  • Send an email to . Sends an email to the selected address.

  • Call a Phone Number.  Commands a call to the specified phone number (Mobile).

  • Send an SMS . Sends an SMS to the specified phone number (Mobile).

  • Call a FaceTime Number  Starts a FaceTime with the specified phone number.

  • Call a Skipe Number  Starts a Skype call with the specified phone number (mobile).

  • Back to previous Page.  Trigger the loading of the previous page in the browser history.

  • Open Left/Right Panel (WebApps Only)  Show/Hide the left/right panel

  • Close Panel (WebApps Only)  Closes all opened Panels.

  • Close Page (WebApps Only)  Closes the current page. (Does not apply to main index page)

  • Logout (WebApps with SQLLite Authentification Plugin Only)  Kills the user’s session and logout from database

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