Button Widget

A button is a component that allows the user to trigger an action. For example, clicking or touching a button to open a page, send an email, call a phone number…

In order to add a Button to a page, just drop it from the Widget list and double-click on it:

Advanced Properties

  • Label The Button Text. This is the text that is displayed on the button.

  • Size. The button size: default (normal size), small or large

  • Block Level. When ticked or checked, this option will cause the button to fill 100% of the full screen width on the device.

  • Icon. An optional Icon for the button

  • Action. See the " Actions " page for more information on the actions associated with the widgets/components.

For more information, read the Buttons Bootstrap Documentation

Button Group

The Button Group Widget is a Container that holds more than one button. It can be placed into an existing container on your page. Initially, there are two buttons in the container. To add more buttons, drag the Button Widget into the Button Group Container. The Button Container gives you the ability to drag individual Widget Buttons into the container. The buttons are then grouped horizontally on your page.

For more information, read the Button Group Bootstrap Documentation

The FaceBook, Instagram, linkedin, and Twitter Button Widgets

The following Widgets are used to link to pages on well known sites. They are controlled in the same way that any icon widget is controlled.For more information on icons, see the Icon Help section.

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