A figure is an image with animated contents (text & Icons).



the description text

Advanced Property Window

Double click on the Figure Widget to access its Advanced Properties.


General Properties Tab


The Picture/Image is similar to the Image Widget. It represents the image that will be used under or beside the Figure Widget. Drag the image of your choice from Finder into the dashed box or double click on the dashed box to bring up the Finder directory on your Mac.


The Figure Widget gives you tremendous power of the type of effect that you can use on your Figure. Thorium Builder includes 30 effects at the time of this writing.
The best way to learn about the effects is to experiment with them.

Links Properties Tab

There are two choices that will define the behavior of the Figure Widget :
  • 1. Global Link
     A Global Link can be used throughout your website or WebApp.

  • 2. Icons with Links
    Icons with links can be used to represent a link. When the user clicks/touches a link, he/she will be taken to that link.  

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