Photo Slideshow/Carousel

The Photo Slide Show Widget works in the same way as the Carousel Block Widget except that it is not pre-set in a container. It is a Slide Show/Carousel widget for cycling through images and content.

Advanced Property Settings

The General Settings Tab

The display ratio : The display ratio concerns the relationship of the width to the height. It is not an image's actual size. The display ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. For the height of the carousel, you can choose between a predefined ratios (1/1 to 21/9) , a fixed size in pixels, or a cover mode. In cover mode, the carousel will use all of the available space on the screen.

Interval : When Autostart is selected, this is the delay (in ms) between 2 slides. 1 millisecond (ms) = 0.001 second.

Autostart : If selected, the slide show will begin automatically.

Pause on Hover : If selected, the automatic slide will pause when the user moves the mouse over the carousel.

Fade Effect : Change the default effect to “Fade"

The Pages Tab

Use + and - buttons to add or remove slides.

Media Type : This dropdown menu allows you to add Pictures or Videos to your Carousel.

Inner Margin : Each slide’s page includes a sub-container that allows you to add other widgets to your page (generally a text widget). The margins of the sub-container can be defined using the Inner Margin percentage slider. In order to fully understand how the slider works, it is recommended that you experiment with it.

When editing your web site/WebApp, moving between slides is accomplished by selecting the small icons at the bottom of the slide window. An icon for each slide is visible. As an example, the Carousel image above has two slides:  

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