A Collection Block is similar to a Grid Widget. In responsive mode, it displays a set of images with smart behavior . This Block is a fully functioning setup. Drop it onto your page, add images. That is all there is to it.

A Collection Block gives the user an ability to click on an image, and then, be taken to a different page or to an external website address.

Advanced Property Settings

When first dropped onto the page, the Collection Block Widget initially appears blank. Double-click on the Widget to access its advanced properties.

Space Between Cells

If selected, the pictures/images will be displayed with a small space between the cells. Otherwise, there will be no space between the pictures.

Hide Text

When this button is ticked/checked, it will hide the text titles attached to the images in the Collection Widget Block. When left unticked/unchecked, the text titles will be shown.

Zoom on Click

When this option is selected and the user clicks on an image, an enlarged version of the image will popup on the screen. When this property is used, the Actions Menu is not available


Alignment of the Images Cells within the Collection Block.
 There are 3 options :

  • 1. Default : Left Align the images within the Collection Block.

  • 2. Center : Center the images within the Collection Block.

  • 3. Right : Right Align the images within the Collection Block.

Items List

Use + and - buttons to add or remove slides. You can also Drag&Drop Images from your Desktop to the list.


Title of the selected image.


SubTitle of the selected image.


Allow you to define the action associated.

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