dbExpress Data Manager

Open the Data Manager from the Thorium Builder toolbar or from the File Menu as represented above.
(The Data Manager  is not available in the Free Edition of Thorium Builder)

  • 1: Tables and Services List

  • 2: Add-Remove-Edit Tables

  • 3: View Smart Objects Categories

  • 4: Edit Smart Objects Categories

  • 5: View Smart Objects 

  • 6: Edit Smart Objects

  • 7: Edit Table Access Rights

The Categories Manager

(Smart Objects only)


The Left side of the Data Manager Window shows the Category Manager. It displays the various Categories that are available for the records within the Database. You can create, rename or delete categories by using the settings icon (1) at the bottom of the Category Manager . (See the illustration) When you click on the Category Manager settings icon (1) at the bottom of the list. A new Categories Editor (2) will open up. Here, you can add +, delete -, or rename the categories in the editor. Use the close button when finished updating your categories.

The Data Manager Toolbar

The Data Manager Toolbar offers a number of selector buttons. Each of these buttons provides more options. The buttons that give an immediate response from the Toolbar are explained first in this document. The more complex selectors have links located at the bottom of this document that will take you to in-depth explanations for each selector.


The Search feature of Thorium Builder gives you the option to search and display specific information from the database. (This search box will be disabled if you disable FTS5)

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