SQLite Database Search Box

Databases are a critical part of most Web and WebApps. They have the ability to store and retrieve information. Thorium Builder's Database Widgets are designed to work easily with Web Project Databases and WebApps Project Databases.
Note that if your project is not selected as a Web Project With Database or WebApp With Database , as shown above, you will see no widgets listed in the Database Widget Area.

When you implement a Database Repeater within your project, it can be useful to add a Search Box Widget in order to let users search within the database.  

Advanced Properties Window

Double click the widget to reveal the Advanced Properties Window.


Advanced Property Settings

Link to Repeater

Choose here the Repeater ID you want to link with. The repeater ID can be identified by clicking on the page repeaters available on the page.


This selector allows you to choose the size of the search box.
 There are three choices:

  • 1. default: mid-sized.

  • 2. large: create a bigger search box area.

  • 3. small: create a smaller search box area.

Search Place Holder

The placeholder text for the Search Box. It might include a short Help or some instructions. Commonly, “Search” is used.

Button Text

The Caption of the Search button.

Background Color

Background Color of the entry field. 

Borders Color

Border Color of the Search Box Widget.

Left Icon Background

Background Color of the left icon.

Button Color

Background Color of the Search button.

Button Text Color

Text Color of the Search button.

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