SQLite Database Displayer Widget

Databases are a critical part of most Web and WebApps. They have the ability to store and retrieve information. Thorium Builder's Database Widgets are designed to work easily with Web Project Databases and WebApps Project Databases.

Note that if your project is not selected as a Web Project With Database or WebApp With Database , as shown above, you will see no widgets listed in the Database Widget Area.

Databases are a critical part of most Web aDatabase Displayer will display Database Data Fields on a page that is referenced from a Database Repeater. All database fields should be contained in the Database Displayer. The Records are filtered and sorted according to the settings that you apply.

Note that there are no Advanced Properties for the Database Displayer. It is a container for other database widgets that usually have their own advanced properties.


When first dropped into the Page Editor, the Database Displayer Widget appears as above.
There are no Advanced Properties for the Database Displayer Widget.

How to use the Displayer Widget

Step 1:
Create your database using the Database Manager located on the Thorium Builder Toolbar or from the File —> Database Manager. See the Database Manager Help section for complete information on how to use the Database Manager.


Step 2:
Create two pages. Place a Database Repeater on one page. Set up the Repeater to show the database list items. Place a Database Displayer on the second page (often named detail).

Step 3:
Place other database widgets of your choice within the Database Displayer. (Database Text Field, Database Audio, Database Video, Database Images, Database Map…)

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