You can apply effects & transformations to Widgets.
3D transformations even lets you setup 2 states: one initial state and one secondary state triggered by an event (page load, click…)


You can adjust various parameters on any Widget, including: Opacity, Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Saturation, Sepia  and Hue-Rotate.


3D Transformations

The 3D Transformation property panel lets you adjust various transformations such as Rotate, Translate, Scale and Skew.


Triggered Effects

With the Triggered Effect Popup, it is possible to setup a secondary state and to define the action that will trigger this transformation, with duration and delay effect:


The transformation can be triggered with the following effect:

  • Page Load. The page has just been loaded.

  • Mouse Click. The user clicked (or touched) the object

  • Mouse Over. The mouse enter to the Widget viewport (available only on desktop)

  • Widget Enter in Viewport. The Widget enter in the visible area while scrolling

  • Widget is 50%/100% in Viewport. The Widget is 50% or 100% visible while scrolling

  • Timing. The speed curve of the transition effect

  • Duration The duration of the effect transition in ms

  • Delay The delay before applying the transformation once the event is triggered in ms.

Animation Class

This option is available for Responsive Web project only. It lets you apply a pre-defined animation class that can be executed at startup (when page is loaded) , and can be run in an infinite loop.

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