DailyMotion Video

The simplest way to embed Dailymotion videos on your site.

Double-click on the Component to access its advanced properties:

DailyMotion video Widget

Advanced Property Settings

  • Paste Code.  You can paste the Embedded code copied from a video on the dailymotion Web Site.Read the Dailymotion Documentation here: https://developer.dailymotion.com/player

  • Display Ratio.  The size of the container that will display the component is responsive with a fixed display ration between height and width.The ration can be from 1:1 (Square) to 21:9 (Wide).

  • Show Controls.  Whether to display the player controls or not.

  • Mute.  Whether to mute the video or not.

  • Allow Full-Screen.  attribute to allow the player to be placed into full screen mode.

  • Sharing Enabled.  Whether to display the sharing button or not.

  • AutoPlay.  Automatically start playing the video when the page is loaded.

  • Show Logo.  Whether to display the Dailymotion logo or not.

  • Info Screen.  Whether to show video information (title and owner) on the start screen.

  • Theme.  Choose the default base colour theme.

  • DailyMotion Web Site.  Direct Link Button to the Dailymotion website.

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