Firebase Dialogs Translation

If you need to translate the string of those dialogs, you can edit the file local.js generated in the js folder of your project, it looks like this:

function getLangResources(lg){
         var resources = new Array();
         var tr = new Array();
         tr['email'] = "email";
         tr['password'] = "password";
         tr['signin'] = "Sign In";
         tr['register'] = "Register";
         tr['enteryouremail'] = "Enter your email";
         tr['enteryourpassword'] = "Enter your password";
         tr['resetpassword'] = "Reset password";
         tr['loginwith'] = "login with:";
         tr['close'] = "Close";
         tr['displayname'] = "Display Name”;
         tr['enteryourname'] = "Enter your name";
         tr['passwordverification'] = "Password Verification";
         tr['verifyyourpassword'] = "Verify your password”;
         tr['profile'] = "Profile";
         tr['save'] = "Save";
         tr['editprofile'] = "Edit my Profile";
         tr['logout'] = "Logout";
         resources['tr'] = tr;
         return resources;

Just Replace the strings between “ by yours. For instance: tr['enteryouremail'] = “my Translate String"; Make sure your file is correct when you modify it, a syntax error may break the App.

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