Firebase Cloud Firestore

With the Firebase Plugin, you now have access to 8 widgets that help you to create a PWA with CRUD functionalities (create, read, update, and delete)

Activating Cloud Firestore

In order to use the Cloud Firestore functionnalities, you must first make sure that the “Use Cloud Firestore Plugin” is activated in the plugin settings.
Once the Plugin is activated, you will have a new Widget Category available in the Widgets list (Firebase Plugin)

Cloud Firestore Plugin Widgets List

  • Cloud Firestore Repeater. displays a list of Data from a Firestore Collection (Virtual List) with initial filter and sorting options.

  • Displayer Firebase. lets you display the entire content of a single record.

  • Firebase Field. lets you display a single record field (in a repeater or a displayer)

  • Firebase Auth Avatar. Display the profile Image of the connected user with a popup that gives access to functions such as Edit Profile, Logout.

    Read the Firebase Auth help page for more details

  • Cloud Firestore Filter and Action Button Create Action Buttons associated with a Firebase Repeater (Filter, Sort ….) or with call to functions such as Edit Record, Delete Record.Cloud Firestore Form Builder: create Forms for Inserting or Updating Data in a Firestore Collection

  • Cloud Firestore Search Bar. Add a “full-text” filter to a Firebase Repeater

  • Cloud Firestore Form Builder. Lets you create user Form for inserting new records or updating existing records.

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