The Flexbox Container allows for an adaptive design on the screen. The elements can be rearranged according to whether one is on a mobile phone or a computer screen. The Flexbox container transforms direct children elements into flex items.
Double-click on the Component to access its advanced properties:

Thorium Builder Flexbox

Use the Alignment buttons to choose the layout you want to apply.


  • Lines Mode. Forces objects alignment to Horizontal mode.

  • Stretch. Forces all objects to use all the width or height, they will be stretched depending on the display mode.

  • Wrap. If the “Wrap” option is selected, Flexbox elements will automatically go to the next line if the space available is not enough.


Examples of possible alignments with a flexbox:

  • Left-top align

    Center Middle align

  • Center strech align

  • Middle & line-mode align

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