Publish your Project

Thorium Builder includes an FTP uploader for publishing your Website to a server.
When you subscribe to an Hosting Plan, your provider will send you an FTP address and user account to access to the server with FTP.
You must use theses settings to publish your WebSite.

In order to publish your project online, select the Publish button located in the main toolbar.

  • Publish your Project locally in a folder on your Computer (Local Copy)

    Use this option when you want to get a copy of your website/webapp.You can then manually transfer your project to your server by using an 3rd party transfer tool.

  • Publish your Entire Project on a WebServer by FTP (Fillezilla)

    Use this Option when you want to publish your Project directly to your server by FTP with Filezilla.
    Thorium Can memorize the credentials and pass it automatically to Filezilla (username, host, etc…).
    You can download filezilla here:
  • Bash (Unix Shell)

    For advanced users, you can directly execute some Shell commands for publishing your project.

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