An image is a visual representation such as a picture, photo, graphic, etc.Only still images can be used with the Image Widget.
Double-click on the Component to access its advanced properties:

Thorium Builder Image Widget

To add your image, simply drag it from Finder on your Mac and drop it into the dashed box in the Advanced Properties Window. You can also double click on the dashed box area. That action will open Finder.

Advanced Property Settings

  • Shape. 3 options available: Default (Normal square corners.), Rounded (to give an image a slightly rounded border.) or Circle (the image is included in a circle.)

    Square Image
    Rounded Image
    Circle Image
  • Responsive. By ticking/checking the "Responsive" box, the image will adapt to any type of device.

  • Alt text. Alt Text are the words that are read by the search engine when the page is indexed.

  • Title. When the user hovers over the image with the mouse, the Title shows a description for the user.

  • Display as Thumbnail. Display a thin border around the image.

    Thumbnail Image
  • Zoom on Click. Activate a Zoom option for the image

    Zoom Image
  • Action. See the " Actions " page for more information on the actions associated with the widgets.



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