Json API Plugin

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The JSON API Plugin is a component available since the Thorium Builder 1.1 version.
This plugin is a little bit technical, but it simplifies a lot the process of working with a JSON File or calling an external API Rest.

Read the definition of an API Rest at Wikipedia: Representational State Transfer

Using JSON Files or JSON Api is useful when you don’t want to implement a local SQLite database but want to display a list of data with search functionalities and with a master-detail mode. (Or you want to show a list of data with search functionalities in a NAtive App.

It is also the way to display data managed in an external database that implements a JSON API Rest

Using the JSON Plugin

In order to use the JSON Plugin, you must go to your project settings=>Plugins and enable the Json API Plugin:


Since the version 2, you can setup the options and headers used by the API, for more details, read the documentation Setting up a API Rest source

JSON Plugin Workflow

The Json API plugin lets you display Remote data in various ways, you can learn what’s possible in this help page: Json API WorkFlow

JSON api Plugin Widgets

There are several Widgets available with the Json API Plugin:

  • JSON Repeater. The JSON Repeater lets you display a set of Data (Client List, Product List …) provided but the API. 
    Read the JSON Repeater Documentation

  • JSON Search Box. The JSON Search Box is associated to a JSON Repeater and lets you search for a value within the Repeater Memory Data. 
    Read the JSON Search Box Documentation

  • JSON Action Button. The JSON Action Button has 2 functionalities: if it is added to the PWA layout linked to a repeater, you can call an API with different parameters and reload the Repeater with specific search options. If the Action Button I placed inside a line of a Repeater with a Custom template, then it can call another page by passing the line data and primary key (ID).
    Read the JSON Action Button Documentation

  • JSON Displayer. The JSON Displayer lets you display a Record loaded from a JSON Repeater or from an API that returns a single Record.
    Read the JSON Displayer Documentation

  • JSON Fields. The JSON Fields represent record field content and can be placed into a Repeater with custom template, or within a JSON Displayer.
    Read the JSON Fields Documentation

  • JSON Form. The JSON Form widget lets you create a User Form where users will be able to enter data and send them to a remote API (for inserting data to a DB in general).
    Read the JSON Form Documentation


JSON Repeater 


JSON Displayer 

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