Json API Displayer

The JSON Displayer is an element that will be used to display a single record values.
It can call an API and display all the fields from the result, or can be added to a page that is called from a JSON Repeater and then automatically display record memory data.

In order to add a JSON Displayer to a page, just drop it from the Widget list and double-click on it:


The JSON Displayer implements 2 source types: 

  • Load Memory Data. This option is only available when the page is loaded from a JSON Repeater. All the JSON Fields from the selected list line will be loaded and possibly added to the Displayer.

  • Call Json API use this option if you want to display a single record loaded from an API call

    When using the API Call option, if the page was loaded from a JSON Repeater, you can pass the key field of the record (The Primary Key, or ID) to the API. Just use the following syntax:


    {key} will be automatically replaced by the value of the selected record key value.

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