A collection view is a way to present an ordered set of data items using a flexible and changeable layout. The most common use for collection views is to present items in a grid-like arrangement.

Collection Example


Advanced Properties

Space Between Cells

Displays or not a small space between cells.

Hide Text

If that option is selected, only the images will be displayed.

Zoom On Click  

If that option is selected, clicking on a cell will display an enlarged version of the cell image.  

Note : 

Since the 1.3 version, the Photobrowser is now allowing navigation trough the collection Images when selecting the “Zoom” option.


Cells alignment within the Collection container (left, right or centred)

Item List

Use + and - buttons to add or remove Collection Items.

Note : 

The MediaList item list accepts pictures drag&drop from the desktop.


Title Text for the selected Cell.


SubTitle Text for the selected Cell.


Picture for the selected Cell.


Allow you to define the action associated.

Action triggered when the user click on a cell.

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