dbExpress Repeater Widget

Database Repeater is a Widget that will display a list of records filtered and sorted according to the settings you will apply.  


Advanced Property Settings (Data Source Tab)

Data Source

The Source Table/Service

Initial Filter

A filter applied when loading the Repeater. (Eg. Field=Value)

Max Rows

The maximum number of Rows loaded at startup. (add Zero for loading all the records).
If you limit the number of rows (eg.16), then you can also select the option “Infinite Rows’, in that case the records will be loaded by packets of n records when the user will scroll at the bottoim of the list.

Order By

The default sorting (Older, recents, Alphabetical or Event Date, etc…)
Note that the default sort is done by the records primary keys (order of record creation, from 1 to n)
The sort can be ascending or descending.

Show child records of current:

If the page that loads the repeater is called from another repeater line, then you can display only the records that are child of the current selected parent. (For example, the user select the Europe Continent, and then the second Repeater will show only the Cities that belong to Europe)

Empty Result Message

The message displayed to users when no records are displayed.



Choose here the way you want to display the records: it can be a Media List View or a Custom template (Vertical or Horizontal)

See the example below that illustrates the different possibilities:




(With Images)


Vertical Mode, 3 Colums

Enable “Pull to Refresh"

If selected, then the user can reload the Repeater by “pulling” it.

No Hairlines

Show/Hide the lines at top and bottom of the Repeater, and for every line (No Heirlines between lines)

Line Action

Triggered Action when the user select a line from the Repeater, it can open a “detail” page, or refresh another Repeater (for example refreshing a list of Cities from the selected Continent) 

Show Badge / Subtitle / Footer /Image

Fields Displaed when working with the “Media List” view Mode.

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