Tab Bar

The TabBar is a group of Icons and text that let you dive a page in different pages (Maximum 5).
The user can navigate through the pages by selecting an Icon.

Note : 

This Widget is not available in the widget list, only when you create a new page with the TabBar template.


Sample of Page with Tabbar

Advanced Properties Window


Choose here if the TabBar should be displayed at top or bottom of the screen.

TabBar With Icons

Choose here if the TabBar should display the text and icons or only the text for each tab.

Custom Icon Colors

You can override the default icon color by selecting a custom color.


The Text of the Tab page displayed under the Icon.

Tab List

Use + and - buttons to add or remove Items.


An Optional Badge for the TabBar item (With a custom color).


The Icon for the Tabbar Item.
You can define 3 icons for a TabBar item, one for iOS, the second one is the Icon displayed when the Tab is selected on iOS, and the third one is for Android MD.
You can obviously just choose a single Icon for keeping it simple.

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