Creating a New Project

To create a new project, click on the "New Project" icon in the toolbar or select the corresponding menu (File => New Project).

Thorium  Builder - New Project

Then, select the type of project to create:

Thorium  Builder - New Project

Select the type of project to create (PWA for Mobile or Responsive Web Site)

Thorium  Builder - New Project

Click on the “Next” Button and then select a template: an empty project, or a project based on a template.

Then click on Next and select the type of Database you want to use:

Thorium  Builder - New Project

The available project database types are:

  • Project Without Database

    Use this option when you don’t need a database. (This is the only option available with the Thorium Free Edition)

  • Database Express (SqLite)

    Use this option if you want to implement the SQLite support (Database Express) to your project and quickly implement a project with a database.
    This is the less technical option and the easiest way to create a Database powered project.

  • Google Firebase

    Unleash the power of your App by using the Google Firebase Authentication and Cloud Firestore.
    This option is only available for Mobile Projects.

  • Remote Firebase

    Access to any existing or new Database by using the Thorium Json API/REST Plugin.
    This option is only available with the Thorium Developer Edition.

Then click on Next and enter the name of the project. (Note that the name of the Project is an internal name, only used for project identification).

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