General Preferences

By clicking on the Toolbar Button Preferences or on the Thorium Builder Menu Preferences, you can access the general settings.
These preferences are not related to the current project, but to the entire Thorium Builder environment.

Advanced Properties Window - General Tab

  • Language: Choose the desired spoken language for your app.

  • Load Metadata from Media Assets. If you want to automatically get the Media Assets metadata from an image, video, or Audio file for a project, this option is useful. It is particularly adapted to the Media Import feature in the Database. All the metadata (IPTC, XMP …) will be automatically added to the records. If you don’t need to get the embedded Metadata, then leave this option disabled. Using this feature it will slow down the media import .

  • Show Cross Guide in Editor. Show or hide the cross guide in editor.

  • Transluscent Property Dialogs. The Widget property dialogs are displayed with or without transparency.

  • Close Dialogs when Apply.  If this option is checked, then using the Apply Button on the Properties Dialogs will close the Window .

  • Backup Projects DataBase. All of your Projects are stored within a database. You can backup the Database by clicking on this Button. It is highly recommended that you do regular project database backups.

  • Optimize your Projects DataBase. If you have many projects, you can optimize your project database for better performance. When you first start using Thorium Builder, we recommend that you make a backup of your DB.

Advanced Properties Window - General Tab

  • Web Server. Thorium Builder includes a basic Web Server for running your Database Driven Projects. However, if you want to use your own Web Server, you can choose the option “Use Custom Web Server”. Set the Web Server Port used for http by your Server. This option is for the technically astute user. If you don’t know how to install and setup a Web server, we recommend that you don’t change this option.

  • Web Server Root. This option is informational only. It lists the Root Folder where all of your generated projects are stored. If you want to use your own Web Server, add this folder as the site folder to your Web Server. Otherwise, it will not work.

  • Web Server Port. This option lets you define the Web Server Port used by the Thorium Builder Web Server (or a Custom Web Server). Normally, changing it is not necessary, but if another process is running on your computer, use this port to change to a different port (eg. 8081) Without a change, there will be a Port Conflict. Note that if you change one of the settings, you will have to rebuild all of your projects.

Google API Tab (Standard Version Only)

  • Google API Key. If you want to enable the Google Map API in some of your projects, you must get an API key from Google. If you set the Key in Thorium Builder Preferences, GoogleMap functionalities will be available for all your projects. Note that on every project, you can also add the Client Google API key. Doing this means that your own API key will be used for creating your projects, but the Client Key will be used when you will publish the project.In order to get an API key from Google, please follow this link: 

License Tab

  • Displays your current Licensing information.

  • The “Deauthorize” Button lets you remove the license from the current computer. This option is provided in case you want to move your license to another computer. After de-authorizing a computer, you can then reuse your serial number on a different one.

    Plugins Tab

    Displays the currently installed plugins and lets you add or remove Thorium Plugins

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