Project Settings

Thorium Builder includes the ability to set properties for the overall project.
Project settings are accessed by selecting the project folder from the Project Manager located on the left side of Thorium Builder’s main window.

Select a project from the Project Manager Sidebar. The Project Settings Window Opens.
There are 4 Project Tabs located at the top of the Project Manager Window:

  • General. The basic common settings for your project.
    Read the General Settings Page for details.

  • SEO. The Search Engine Optimization for your Project.
    Read the SEO Help Page for details.

  • PWA Settings. The advanced PWA Settings for your Project.
    Read the PWA Settings help page for details. 

  • Plugins. The List of Plugins available with their configuration.
    Read the Plugins Help Page for more details.

  • Advanced. Additional Technical parameters. 
    Read the Advanced Parameters Page.

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