Project General Properties

General properties are the common properties available both for Web and PWA projects.

  • Project Name. This input area holds the internal name of the project. It is used for identification. It is not displayed for the user. The name of the internal project can be changed and updated here. Simply enter the new name of the project and select the apply button.

  • Project Title. The name that will be used as title when you’ll publish the project online.

  • Project Path. The Project Path property displays the local path where the project generated files are stored. You can click on the link in order to access to the folder contents from Finder.

  • Project Type. This information cannot be changed. It displays the type of project that you originally created.

  • Admin email. When a user sends a Form to the website or WebApp, this is the default email that is used as the contact for that website or WebApp.

    Language. Thorium Builder supports most of the World's Languages. Select the language that you wish to use from the dropdown selector. Some components will use the language information for displaying text in the selected language (eg. Calendars).

  • Direction. Left to Right is the default, but you can create the project with Right to Left Languages as well. (eg. Arabic, Hebrew, Mandekan…)

    Additional Languages. Select the additional languages you want to add to your project. That will automatically enable the translation module and then you will be able to create a multilingual app/web project.

    Site URL. Fill this input with the final project url (eg. . This address will be used for the sitemap.xml generation. (Not adding this field will make the sitemap invalid).
    It will also being used by the Native Apps generator for projects that use an hosted SQLite Database.

  • App Icon. The icon for the PWA. This Icon is used when adding a PWA to Home Screen or as favicon when implementing a Web Project.
    Choose a square image with a minimum size of 512x512px if you want a good result.
    This image will also be used when generating the iOs Splash screens.

  • Project Fonts. The list of Google Web Fonts available in the project.
    For more information, see Google Web Fonts at address: 

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