SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The SEO Window contains all the necessary options to make your Web Site or WebApp searchable on Internet Search Engines.

Meta Area

Make sure that the “Generate Meta Description in HTML" box is checked to insure that the information will be added to the Internet Search Engines.

For more technical details, read the W3C Reference

  • Site Name. The name of your web site or WebApp.

  • Description. The meta description is a short paragraph of text placed in the HTML of a webpage or WebApp that describes the content. Spend some time thinking about this information before entering it. A good description of your web site or WebApp will ensure that people will visit your site.

  • Author. The name of the author(s) of the website or WebApp.

  • Copyright. Any copyright information should be included here.

  • Subject. As with the description of the website or WebApp, the Subject requires some thought. Describe the subject matter unambiguously. For example, if your website or WebApp describes the domestic cat breeds, you might use “Domestic Cat Breeds” as your Subject .

  • Keywords. Keywords are an important consideration in search engines. They directly link people to your website or WebApp based on the search criteria that is entered. You should consider how people are searching for the information, merchandise, or services that you offer. If the keywords aren’t carefully considered, the searcher may end up going to other sites than yours.

Generate SiteMap and Robots.txt (recommanded)

Select this option in order to automatically create a SiteMap and a Robots.txt file. For more information about Robots.txt, please check the following link:

Open Graph Area

Open Graph turns a web page into a rich object in a social graph. When the Open Graph is used on Facebook, it gives the page the same functionality of any object on Facebook.

For more technical details, read the OpenGraph Protocol documentation.

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