dbExpress Web Database Repeater

The Database Repeater is a Widget that will display a list of records from a database. The Records are filtered and sorted according to the settings that you apply.


When first dropped into the Page Editor, the Database Repeater Widget appears as above. Double-click on the widget, to access its advanced properties.

Advanced Properties Window (General Tab)

  • Data Source Filter

    The category of records you want to display. It can be all records.

  • Data Hierarchy

    The Data Hierarchy selector defines the level of the records that you want to display. There are three settings:

    • 1. All Hierarchy (default) : all the records for the selected category are displayed.

    • 2. Root Records Only: Only the records at the first level of the database category will be displayed.

    • 3. Show Only Current record Child:

      a. First, you must display a detail page for a record.
      b. Add the Database Displayer Record to the page.
      c. Add any Text or images into the Database Displayer Record.
      d. Select this option. e. Only the child records of the current records will be displayed.

  • Sorted By

    The default sorting (Older, More Recents First, Alphabetical or Event Date).

  • Detail Page

    When the user selects an item from the Database Repeater list, the user is then taken to the page that holds the Database Displayer Widget information. The name of that page can be chosen from the selector dropdown.

  • Items per Line

    The number of Columns for the repeater (From 1 to 6). When you want to display Records such as Images, Cards, etc… , choosing a number of columns greater than one will automatically create a smart grid view.

  • Alignment

    Select here how you want to justify the Tabs.

Advanced Property Settings (Advanced Tab)

  • Repeater Min Height

    Set the minimum height of the Repeater in Pixels.

  • Use Masonry Style

    Enable the Masonry Style (See Cards-Columns for more details).

  • Row Limit

    Enable a limit for the number of records that will be loaded on first load. It is highly recommended to limit the number of rows loaded when the database contains a large number of records.

  • Records per Load

    The Maximum number of records loaded on first load and when the Infinite Scroll option is set.

  • Infinite Scroll

    Enable a fonctionnality that will load a new packet of records every time the user scroll to the end of the page.

  • More Button Text

    The Text of the button that lets the user load more packets of records.


Example of Web Repeater Implementation

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