RSS reader

In order to use it, you must first enable the plugin in the Project by going to the Plugins tab of the project properties:

Note : 

Most of the public RSS feeds (press..) will work locally but won’t be available when the PWA is loaded from an http/https location.
(This is due to the Security policy of the RSS feed provider).
Make sure you have the right to access to an RSS feed before implementing it with this plugin.


Once the plugin is enabled, then you can drag&drop it on the page by choosing "RSS Reader” from the widget list (Miscellaneous Section)


Advanced Properties Window


By Double-clicking on the Widget, you can access to its properties:

RSS feed

The RSS feed http address (without “feed:”, for instance "feed:https://www.myrss/" should be entered as "https://www.myrss/“)

Search Bar

Add or not a user Searchbar (full-text)

Show Publication Date

Show or hide the publication date in the list

Show Description

Show or hide the Description in the list

Show Image

Show or hide the Image in the list (When relevant)

Image Size

Choose here the image size in the list (in pixels)

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