HTML Snippet

This widget provides an easy way for you to include an external embedded Widget or a block of Custom HTML code on your web site/WebApp.

When first dropped into the Page Editor, the HTML Snippet appears as a small red outlined rectangle. Double-click on the HTML Snippet, as seen above, to access its advanced properties.

Thorium Builder HTML Snippet

The HTML Snippet is a widget that can contain external HTML code. The widget is often used to embed external components (Maps, Videos…). It can also contain any type of HTML code.

Also be aware that some external HTML components may not be displayed in the editor because they don’t allow a local access. They may only be available only when the Website is hosted on a server.

This component configuration window contains only a Text area in which you can enter your HTML code. Just enter your code and click the Apply Button to see your code in action.


Example of Snippet implementing an Airtable Gallery View

Example of Snippet implementing an Airtable Gallery View. ( )

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