Tab Panel

A tab panel is a component with multiple pages and some buttons at Top/bottom that let you choose the page you want to view.

This is Tab1

Tab Panel Sample

Advanced Properties Settings - General Tab

  • Style

    Choose here the style of Tab.

  • Fade Effect

    When this option is selected, it will trigger a FadeIn/FadeOut effect when the user will choose another tab. Not Borders

  • Not Borders

    Check this option if you want to remove the tab content borders.

  • Bottom Tabs

    Check this option if you want to display the Tabs at the bottom.

  • Alignment

    Select here how you want to justify the Tabs.

  • Custom Background Color

    Change the Default background color to a custom color.

  • Custom Text Color

    Change the Default text color to a custom color.

Advanced Properties Settings - Tabs Items Tab

  • Label

    Enter the name of the Tab.

  • Tab list

    Use + and - buttons to add or remove Tabs.

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