Text Widgets are provided so that you can easily add text to your Containers. Each text widget has advanced properties that are accessed by double clicking on the widget. The widgets can be further refined by using the Properties Editor in Thorium Builder. (eg, Text background and foreground color, font alignment, padding and so forth.


Thorium Builder Text Editor: the toolbar lets you change some properties
of a selected part of the text, such as Bold, Italic…. It is even possible
to add a Link on a part of the entire text.

There isn’t a lot for you to learn about how to use the Text Widgets. The “H” widgets are sized from 1 - 6. H1 is the largest text and H6 is the smallest text (see the examples below). Sometimes beginners get confused about the size of the text thinking that H6 should be the largest and H1 should be the smallest. If you are a beginner, understanding the ordering of the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 Text Widgets is probably the only thing that you need to remember.

Note that all Text Widgets have the following Advanced Property Settings in common:


Text Widgets

List of available text widget:

  • h1 to h6. H are the largest heading of text. It is generally used for titles. For those of you who have basic familiarity with HTML, you will recognize it as the as the <h1><h2>... tag.





  • Paragraph. The Paragraph Widget gives you the flexibility to add many lines of text to your website or WebApp. It is one of the most commonly used tools. It is a section of a writing made up of one or more sentences. A paragraph always begins on a new line. You can add descriptions, help, or any sort of content to the paragraph. Use the Properties Editor in Thorium Builder to change the default settings of the Paragraph Widget. 

    I am a lead paragraph with text stylesLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, autem soluta an quo, vis id solum saperet. Bonorum ancillae comprehensam te per. Clita feugiat principes ius te, tractatos salutatus vim ex. Ea qui tation tollit. Cum in tollit officiis tractatos, ea sit purto labitur constituto.

  • Block Quote. The Block Quote Widget provides a way for you to easily add quoted text, the author’s name, and the source of your quote. To access the advanced properties of the Block Quote widget, double click on the widget after you have placed it into the container. Another way to access the advanced properties of a widget is to double click on the widget in the DOM Navigator of Thorium Builder.

    Example of Block Quote. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer posuere erat a ante.

    Someone famous in Source Title
  • Badge Widget. The Badge Widget allows you to add context to most other website or WebApp Content. It is frequently used in list items to display quantity. In the example below, it is used to denote the number of items that follow.

  • Text Link. The Text Link Widget gives you an easy way add links to your text. The customizable link can be added using the advance properties. For example, this is the widget that you would use to let a user click to be taken to an internal or external URL, a different page, etc.

  • Code Widget. The Code Widget provides a way to display computer computer code or a programming snippet in the page in-line. It wraps inline snippets of code with code.

    This is a Code This is a Code 

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