User Interface

  • 1. Main Toolbar: Access to main functions (create project, create page, Run a Project….

  • 2. Project Manager: View all of your projects on the side bar: edit, delete, or add pages and projects here.

  • 3. Search Project: enter the name of the project that you want to search for here.

  • 4. DOM List: navigate through the page elements here. You can also reorder Widgets from this hierarchical list. The DOM List can be hidden or shown using the DOM Toolbar button

  • 5. Pages Editor: Drop new widgets here from the Widget list or Edit them by double-clicking. Note that when you edit a page, the modifications are saved automatically.

  • 6. Switch between Selected Widget's main styles, properties, and the Widgets list.

  • 7. Common Properties panel for the selected widget. By double-clicking on the Widget in the Editor, you can access the Widget advanced properties.

  • 8. Mobile Simulator: Immediately run, view, and verify your project on the simulator.

  • 9. Mobile Simulator Controls: Change the device type from here.

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