Vector Maps

The Vector Map (VMAP), also called Vector Smart Map, is a vector-based collection of geographic information system (GIS) data about regions of the world.

The Vector Map Plugin is powered by JQVmap (MIT Licence). For more information:

Example of Vector Map

Map Setting Tab

  • Model

    The Region you want to display.

  • Height

    The Fixed height of the Widget.

  • Enable zoom

    If Selected, the zoom Control will be available.

  • Show Tooltips

    If that option is selected, then a tooltip will be displayed when the user will move his mouse over the regions / countries.

  • Colors

    The Color Schemes for the Map: background, regions, etc...

Selected Regions Tab


By clicking on the left checkbox, you can select the regions/countries that will be selected on your map

If you want to display some figures related to the regions-countries, use the column value to enter your data. The color of the countries with value data will be set according to the weight of the value, compared to the minimum value of the list and the maximum value.

You can also add a link to another page for every region / country available.

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