Importing data from a Text File

When you are using the Database functionalities with your project, you can use the Text Import Dialog in order to populate your database with existing delimited text files contents.

The Import Text Window

From the Database Manager Window, select the Import Text button from the Toolbar.

  • Fields separator

    Field Separators are used to tell the importer where each field begins and ends.

    The Field Separator, also called a delimiter, denotes the way that the text is separated when imported into the database.
    Generally, a delimited text file is separated using one of the following characters:
    comma ( , )
    semi-colon ( ; )
    pipe ( | )

    Examples of some text with separators are shown below:  

    Brian, Jack, Joe, Carl
    Becky; Mary; Jane; 
    Clare| Frank| Jo| Brenda| Jackie

  • Text Qualifier

    When a field is imported into a database using a separator/delimiter, that field is considered in total by the separator. However, when the field has a separator within the information that needs to be imported, the importer considers the first and last separator that it “sees".
    That means the field is not imported with all its the information.

    In the following example, using double quotes as a Qualifier, takes care of the problem. 

    "3412 Boren St., Apt. 52", "Seattle, WA", “98408"

    The import would be:
    Field 1: 3412 Boren St., Apt. 52
    Field 2: Seattle, WA
    Field 3: 98408

  • Import in Category

    When Importing data in the Smart Records table, you have to choose the default category where you want to import the files.
    Note that you can move the records from one category to another one just by dragging & dropping them within the database Manager.

  • First Row as Columns Name

    Sometimes, the first row of a text export contains the name of the field. If you select this option, the first row won’t be imported as a data record and you will be able to create the necessary additional fields automatically.  

  • Create field for every Column

    This is related to the previous option. If the first text file line contains the names of the fields, then by selecting this option, the fields will be automatically created.

  • Select File Button

    The Select File Button lets you choose the Text file to import. You can also Drag & Drop the file to the Import Window Area from your desktop.

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